Podcast: The Demand Gen Fix

B2B buyer behavior is changing and traditional lead generation tactics just don’t work the way they used to. Join us every week for interesting conversation around how to create a catalyst for growth by building your company’s demand generation engine.

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Time: 26:03

The perennial rivalry between marketing and sales departments - it's like a long-standing debate that never seems to end. Despite everyone’s best efforts, these two teams can sometimes clash, causing a disruption in the company's productivity.

Time: 22:16

Challenges between marketing and sales is a tale as old as time. Despite everyone’s best intentions, these tensions sometimes boil over and can be counter-productive to company success. And that is a shame, because together, we can drive real growth for a company – but only if we are all rowing in the same direction.

Time: 33:49

A smart marketing strategy can create the catalyst for high growth. But there are common mistakes that make marketing less impactful – ultimately killing a company’s full growth potential. In this episode of The Demand Gen Fix, we diving in even deeper to explore more of the pitfalls that can prevent businesses from achieving high growth. From neglecting target audience research to focusing too much on tactics instead of strategy, we reveal some of the most common mistakes you need to avoid.

Time: 27:34

There are some very common mistakes that marketing teams make that diminish marketing’s impact and hinders a company's growth potential. In this two-part topic, we’re diving in to share the pitfalls that hold marketing teams back from achieving optimal results - along with advice on a different approach to take instead to ensure your demand generation engine creates a catalyst to growth.

Time: 24:46

Lead scores have long been touted as the key to uncovering the best prospects to pass on to sales. However, high engagement levels don’t necessarily equate to buying intent. So we think marketers need to rethink how they use the lead score.

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