Podcast: The Demand Gen Fix

B2B buyer behavior is changing and traditional lead generation tactics just don’t work the way they used to when targeting buyers. Join us every week for interesting conversation around how to create a catalyst for growth by building your HR tech company’s demand generation engine.

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Time: 32:08

If your company is behind on revenue targets, this episode is for you. We’re going to dig in to talk about an initial step you can take to get on your way to the path that moves the needle and delivers bigger results through marketing to support your company’s growth mission.

Time: 20:04

There is one common mistake that we see HR tech organizations make over and over when it comes to marketing. We call it random acts of marketing. This is when your marketing programs create a disjointed experience and disappointing results. It’s the busy work that feels like it has a purpose, but ultimately doesn’t move the needle enough to be prioritized over other more strategic initiatives.

Time: 19:13

You should NEVER skimp on the strategy step. It is the blueprint to ensuring that your marketing programs are intentional, hyper-focused and working to support the mission at hand. Yet many companies in the HR tech space and other markets run without one. And that is a huge mistake.

Time: 25:15

Demand generation marketing (engaging prospects) and account-based marketing (nurturing target accounts on a 1:1 level) are an incredibly powerful combination. Yet these approaches are rarely considered as strategies that work hand in hand.

Time: 27:22

It is trade show season. And a lot of HR tech companies are making the rounds at these events. The goal is often to make new connections, promote the brand and ultimately capture leads that turn into revenue. But are trade shows really worth the investment? They are expensive. They are a lot of work. And although you may come home with a lot of names to add to your email campaigns, do those contacts ever turn into clients?


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