About Us

GrowthMode is a team of seasoned B2B marketers with a shared love for all things marketing. To some of us it’s an art, others, a science. We blend the best of both and align with your goals and focus on the results you need.

We came together because of our shared enthusiasm for helping businesses be better — whatever that needs to mean for our clients. In the short term and for the long haul.

Our Values

Our values serve as our moral compass guiding our behavior and actions. We embrace them and live them every day.

Listen to the client: Understand their needs, goals and business objectives

Do right by the client

Do it with your whole heart

Add value at every turn

Have a growth-oriented mindset

Your Growth Team

You’ll come to rely on GrowthMode as an extension of your team, as passionate about your successes as you are. In our work together, you can expect…

  • Focus on YOUR journey
    Understanding your business, your uniqueness, your vision comes first. The right strategic approach is one that authentically reflects your organization; where you are on your journey and where you want to be.We align services and tailor marketing programs that suit your culture, invigorate your story and create lasting value.
  • Strategic vision and creative execution
    We thrive on weaving together the unique inputs from your business to create strategic plans. We also love the “doing” part. We get excited about execution and the opportunity to focus on the “parts” that become the “whole”. We are flexible because we believe that excellence in implementation and execution are critical and we appreciate the need to find efficiencies along the way as well.
  • B2B expertise and client-side experience
    You benefit from the diverse experience of our collective team. We have been in your shoes, leading teams on the client side across a range of industries and organizational structures. We understand the demands and appreciate the complexities of the business-to-business environment — it’s our area of expertise.
  • Growth that begets growth
    We understand the value of every relationship and the need for ongoing nurturing and sustained growth. We help you measure results in the form of awareness, qualified leads and conversions. And we ensure that you have comprehensive analytics that prove the value of every investment.

Leadership Team

  • Photo of Deanna Shimota

    Deanna Shimota

    Founding Partner, President

    About Deanna Shimota

    Deanna has made it her mission to know everything about B2B marketing. She’s on top of every tech trend and social media modulation. And while she skates on the cutting edge of marketing innovation, Deanna stays grounded in a foundation of solid marketing principles. She’s used her skills and expertise to catapult multiple technology companies into high growth mode. Now she co-leads GrowthMode with a goal to help other organizations travel down this same path.

    Favorite Activities Outside of Work

    Snowboarding, golfing and hanging out at the lake

    Verbal Crutch

    I literally say “literally” all the time.

    Fun Fact

    My family tree includes Abraham Lincoln – the 16th president of the United States.

  • Photo of Jennifer Roth

    Jennifer Roth

    Founding Partner

    About Jennifer Roth

    A self-professed marketing geek, Jen loves all things marketing. Specifically, she loves turning client challenges into marketing strategies that drive great results. Jen has held multiple positions in B2B marketing, including executive positions leading global teams at Ceridian, Asure Software and as a fractional leader at Retrofit/Livongo and Trimble. On her day off, you’ll likely find her laughing with friends or scouting out the latest and greatest microbrew.

    Fun Fact

    I’m a twin and was born breech and six minutes after my sister. This is the perfect rationale to excuse my impaired sense of direction and ability to be on time.

    Favorite Quote

    “I trust that everything happens for a reason, even when we’re not wise enough to see it.”
    ― Oprah Winfrey

  • Photo of Jennifer Neuman

    Jennifer Neuman

    Vice President, Brand Strategy & Messaging

    About Jennifer Neuman

    Jennifer leads brand strategy at GrowthMode with a simple philosophy — Beyond products, plans, and pricing, there’s a story that makes you unique. She loves helping clients crystalize their story and create resources that bring it to life with authenticity and consistency.

    Jennifer’s favorite challenge is finding ways to elevate clients’ brands by creating meaningful connections when it matters. She believes in the power of relevant messaging, visuals that resonate and experiences that match, to position a brand as the choice in a category.

    Jennifer’s 25-year marketing career has included diverse roles and leadership opportunities, from retail marketing at DirecTV to VP of Brand Strategy at U.S. Bank. Every experience along the way enriched her passion for branding and her appreciation of the value it can bring to the bottom line.

    Fun Fact

    She loves stories. Hearing them, reading them, writing them.

    Favorite Quote

    “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
    ― Maya Angelou

  • Photo of Stefanie Adams

    Stefanie Adams

    Vice President of Account Services

    About Stefanie Adams

    Stefanie doesn’t just like marketing. She loves it – especially the moment when the light bulb goes off.

    “You just know you have the idea, name, logo, campaign, strategy plan or answer that’s going to work. Then you share that with your clients and see their excitement because they know it’s going to work, too. That’s absolutely the best feeling.”

    That’s the kind of positive energy and contagious excitement Stefanie brings to her clients.

    Throughout  her marketing career in companies like Ceridian, Fidelity Investments and TASC, Stefanie has enjoyed more than a few successes. Helping to secure large government contracts, naming multiple companies, rebranding a 21-product house of brands into a distinct branded house – those are just a few.

    What truly sets Stefanie apart is her natural curiosity and excitement to dig deeper and truly understand what her clients need. The result? Happy clients and excellent outcomes.

    Fun Fact

    I’m rather addicted to puns. And shoes, great shoes. If I can do a great presentation in fabulous shoes with a clever pun somewhere, I’m in heaven.

    Favorite Activities Outside of Work

    I enjoy performing in community theater. Anytime I can be in a farce and make people laugh – that’s a wonderful feeling.

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