Podcast: The Demand Gen Fix

B2B buyer behavior is changing and traditional lead generation tactics just don’t work the way they used to when targeting buyers. Join us for interesting conversation around how to create a catalyst for growth by building your HR tech company’s demand generation engine.

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Time: 25:18

The vast majority of your total addressable market is not actually in market to buy right now. So you’ve got to get creative to drive leads - because you’ve still got to meet your revenue targets.

Time: 24:23

We often talk to marketing leaders who are struggling to figure out why their marketing efforts are not driving better results. Sometimes, the reason is more obvious to our team looking in from the outside than it is to those on the inside busting their butts to move the needle, but you’ve got to fix this if you are going to make headway in the crowded HR tech market.

Time: 19:10

There have been less prospects out there buying HR technology solutions in the past year and we haven't necessarily seen that trend turn around yet. We’ve seen quite a few companies in this space significantly trim marketing budgets if not cut them altogether as they try to navigate a tougher selling environment. But should they?

Time: 19:45

In part 2 of this conversation we talk about why it is time to move away from marketing that attempts to be “everything to everyone” so that you can breakthrough and standout in a crowded HR tech market. And it starts with taking creative risks with your marketing.

Time: 16:05

Too many marketers play it safe with their marketing campaigns. And the result is often messaging that gets lost in the sea of sameness, especially in the extremely crowded HR and work tech space. But is it too risky to do something that goes against the grain?


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